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Look Ahead Sport Horses


Our Story

Louise Masek

Owner / Operator

Louise Masek, owner and operator of Look Ahead Sporthorses has a unique approach to breeding and training that evolved from years of riding and competing both in Europe and North America. She rode and competed in France, Belgium, Germany, and Italy - all countries with centuries of rich equestrian history.


Equestrian sports in these countries is woven into the culture and are as popular as soccer. Picture the popularity of hockey in North America and that is pretty much how equestrian sports are in Europe.


So - from a very early age, she was taught classical, systematic training of both the horse and rider. She also began to understand the differences between the classic approach of lightness (légèreté) of the French school and the strong disciplined approach of the German school. Over the years, she formulated her own approach to training based on a blend of both schools.


Different horses respond better to different approaches and the key is to be able to read each horse and figure out a plan that works best for each of them. The goal is to allow and support the horse to become the best he/she can be, while still establishing a “human partnership." It is the premise to allow the horse to understand and be eager to please and make it right for its rider.


It is a combination of technique and art and a true experienced horse person will know how to blend technique with art to deliver the best outcome in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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