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Our Breeding Program

Breeding Excellence in

Sport Horses

"You don't ride the papers." 


How many times have we heard that phrase?


Well, actually, yes you do. The horse underneath you is a result of some sort of breeding - be it a planned mating of two Olympic-calibre horses, or a pasture breeding accident where some unknown horse jumped a fence and eleven months later, a foal was born. 


The genetic material that went into producing the horse you ride is a combination of generations of traits from both the mother and father. Science doesn't lie. There is a reason that global Breeding Sport Horse registries evaluate, approve and track each and every trait that makes a successful Sporthorse - both physical (conformation and movement) and mental (temperament, character and rideability). Of course there is always the exception of the superstar that emerges from a less than ideal breeding. It makes for a great Hollywood story; but, with riding being such an expensive sport, we try our best to stack the odds in your favour. 

At Look Ahead Sporthorses, we start with the best breeding, carefully matching mares with Stallions to bring you the best possible offspring. 

Our Approach 

Canadian Breeding for Excellence

At Look Ahead Sporthorses our approach to breeding is to ensure our offspring exhibit the following qualities:

• They should be as correct as possible to prevent unnecessary strain and unsoundness down the road.


• They should be built for the discipline it will be expected to do.

• They should have a genuinely nice character and good temperament - it may be sensitive, hot, cold, or dull, but the horse must be willing to try their best and work with humans. Skillsets can be taught. You cannot train basic character and temperament. Over the years, Louise paid attention to the pedigree of the horses she rode and remembered the ones she liked best. It is therefore not surprising that the breeding program is a blend of Selle Français, Belgium and German bloodlines...horses that are sound, sane, low maintenance, and easy to handle and ride. We target the ambitious amateur rider who wants to be competitive in the ring but also have a good friend in their horse.

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