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Our Training Program

Our Unique Young Horse Development Program

Training starts as soon as the foal is born. With the philosophy that we build a partnership with our horses at each stage of life, foals learn very quickly that humans are to be trusted and the interaction can be pleasant. Because the mares are treated the same way, they also learn from their dams that humans are indeed partners. Over time, the foals and yearlings are presented with many learning opportunities that are structured around teaching them about riding and show life. They learn to stand, be groomed, tacked up, pick up feet, go places, interact with other horses.


By the time a rider is ready to get on, backing is a non-event. We usually start them very lightly towards the end of their 2 year old year. They learn to stand quietly at the mounting block, move away from leg pressure under a rider, turn right, turn left and halt. Once this is learned, they are then left to continue growing up and be a horse. In the spring/summer of their 3 year old year they are restarted for more formal under-saddle training.

The Program


At Look Ahead Sporthorses, we offer the following SERVICES to our young horse clients and partners:


  • Young Horse Starting and Training

  • Training Scale

  • Walk, Trot, Canter Progressions ~ up to jumping a small course

  • Dressage Training

During the training program, your young horse will receive superior care and attention, including:

  • Superior Individual Nutrition Program

  • Tailored Fitness Program 

  • Expert Farrier Services

  • Veterinary Services

  • Massage and Chiropractic Service

  • Daily Training ~ for both horse and owner

  • Daily Turnout with Blanketing

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