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Beau Balou Offspring

Beau Balou has an outstanding group of offspring that we are very proud to highlight. His offspring are proving to follow in his footsteps, with multiple winnings in line classes, and consistent Premium awards at Inspections. They are correct, friendly, sensible and have inherited his great canter.


The genetic material that went into producing the horses you see below is a combination of generations of traits from both the mother and father. There is a reason that global Breeding Sport Horse registries evaluate, approve and track each and every trait that makes a successful Sporthorse - both physical (conformation and movement) and mental (temperament, character and rideability). Of course there is always the exception of the superstar that emerges from a less than ideal breeding. It makes for a great Hollywood story; but, with riding being such an expensive sport, we try our best to stack the odds in your favour. 

At Look Ahead Sporthorses, we start with the best breeding, carefully matching mares with Stallions to bring you the best possible offspring. The mares in our breeding program are very carefully selected as mares contribute at least 60% to the outcome of the offspring. Correctness, temperament, show record, soundness and pedigree are the 5 top considerations when we choose to breed a mare. 

When you purchase a Beau Balou breeding from us, you are not just breeding to him, but to years of lineage, effort, knowledge and experience that went into producing this outstanding stallion.

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This stunning yearling filly is a result of a Beau Balou cross with an Arabian mare. Pretty fantastic result, both in (National Top 10) and out of the ring! Congratulations to her breeder and owner, Samantha Carroll of NH.

Beau Balou offspring Champion foal
Beau Balou
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